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About us

At Tattered Accents, we take the old and make it new again.

It starts with a vision.

My Story

I always knew I had a creative side and wanted to make things pretty.  Although, it took years for me to discover exactly how to express it. At one point, I found myself quite unhappy in my professional life.  As a means to relax after coming home each day from a job I didn’t care for, I began to paint furniture.

And then it happened….

I fell in love.

From the moment I picked up my brush for the first time, it was love. It was like letting a bird out of its cage to fly freely.  

My inner creativity flowed out of me through the brush and on to furniture to make it beautiful. To add character and charm to someone’s home.  To breathe new life into pieces, one at a time.

My first piece was a dresser I thought I might use for my daughter's room.  For fun, and out of sheer curiosity, I posted it for sale & it sold in an hour!  The rest is history! Fast forward six years, a lot of work, dedication, patience, and a whole lot of paint I have proudly built my business to be what it is today.

Tattered Accents and The Tattered Brush have blossomed into an exciting adventure.  A small business dedicated to refinishing cabinets, furniture, and more to bring beauty and style to the homes of our wonderful customers.  I pride myself on building relationships with my customers that will last a lifetime. I proudly served our nation’s military in my younger years, and as a veteran, I proudly serve Tattereds customers.

Happy painting! ~Jessica

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